Basecamp Website Review & Ratings + Basecamp Coupons
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Basecamp Website Review & Ratings + Basecamp Coupons

Basecamp: Products & Services

Basecamp is an online project management software assisting its subscribers manage, organize and collaborate their projects. With Basecamp project managers can upload and share files with their team members and clients, and monitor the progress of their projects. Apart from Basecamp another application offered to optimize group work is Basecamp Breeze; a customized Breeze email address for groups of less than 50 people. Complete information about Basecamp’s new features and Basecamp Breeze can be found on its official website.

Basecamp: Company Background

Developed by 37signals in 2004, Basecamp has rapidly gained popularity amongst its users. 37signals a privately held firm was co-founded in 1999 by Jason Fried, Carlos Segura, and Ernest Kim, however after Segura and Kim left, Fried was the only founder left. It was Fried who came up with the Basecamp software in 2004. Based in Chicago, Illinois; Basecamp has subscribers worldwide in over 180 countries.

Over the years 37signals developed three more online development tools which are Campfire, Backpack and Highrise. The four web-based applications make up the parent corporation's core products that were developed with very specific criteria that needed to be met -- criteria that have not deviated much to this day. Each and every product must meet the specifications of being:

  • useful
  • a great service
  • clear
  • developed to please the Company's customers (not board members)
  • basic in design
  • free of hidden fees or prices
  • easy to use and
  • void of any long-term contracts or setup/termination fees

The Company has branched out into other areas of development (even adding the addition of two published books to their repertoire), it has not strayed far from these initial overlying principles.

Basecamp: Customer Feedback & Reviews

With its popular features which help organize and collaborate projects online, Basecamp seems to be a favorite of its customers. Rankreviews, a website known to try out and provide reviews of productivity software for small business was all praise for this application commenting, “Basecamp has tremendously helped in increasing the productivity of my team.” A satisfied Cnet user found it an “excellent” software for project management, and another website gave Basecamp a 9 out of 10 score in their review applauding its “usability and easy communication”.

Basecamp: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

Even though Basecamp has not been accredited by BBB (Better Business Bureau), it is a popular application trusted by its users worldwide. Its developer 37signals; renowned for their applications have been talked about in the media and Basecamp has also been under media spotlight. Due to its simple yet outstanding features Basecamp won the “Webware 100 Award”, and was nominated for the 2012 “Small Business Influence Awards in: Corporations”.

Basecamp: Website Popularity & Google Ranking

According to Alexa traffic rank, Basecamp has a global ranking of 1,681. With majority of its visitors belonging to USA, it is ranked on 1,064 in USA. Basecamp has 767,085 page views per day; it is also popular in Australia and has been ranked #821 there. Google PageRank has placed it on 6 out of 10 (with 10 being the highest).

Basecamp: Social Media Presence

Basecamp’s official website provides extensive information about its features, along with latest product updates, pricing and customer testimonials. However, social media networking links are not included in it; neither does seem a social media marketing enthusiast.

They have a Twitter account called Basecamp News with 2,343 followers. Rather than include Basecamp information from the developers, it seems to be updated by followers’ posts about Basecamp. With regards to Facebook, Basecamp doesn’t have a page dedicated to its application; however it is mentioned on the Facebook page of 37signals. Similarly 37signal’s product blog provides information about Basecamp, but the last post published on Basecamp was in 2011.

Basecamp: Website Security & Safety

Basecamp takes extra lengths to protect your data. All data is written to multiple disks instantly, backed up daily, and stored in multiple locations. When customers upload files, those files are stored on servers that use modern techniques in an effort to remove bottlenecks and points of failure.

State-of-the-art servers are protected by biometric locks and round-the-clock interior and exterior surveillance monitoring. Only company personnel that have authorized access are able to gain entry to the data center. 24/7/365 onsite staff provides additional protection against unauthorized entry and security breaches.

Software infrastructure is only as good as its updates. Basecamp takes care of this by implementing the latest security patches. Products run on a dedicated network which is locked down with firewalls and monitored continuously. While perfect security is not always achievable, the information technologists work with security researchers to keep up with current technological advances in web security.

Basecamp servers -- from power supplies to the internet connection to the air purifying systems -- operate at full redundancy. Even if multiple servers should fail, the company's systems are engineered to continue to function.

Upon checking with Google diagnostic test, Basecamp was found to be safe to browse, without any incident of malicious activities and downloads. Being reputed for their secure network connection, Basecamp has state-of-the-art servers with round-the-clock monitoring by experienced staff. Such security measures to protect their application and online data give them an edge over their competitors.

Basecamp: Pricing & Packages

Let's take a look at pricing for Basecamp. You can sign up for a 45-day free trial (way better than most of the sites I looked at) and then switch over to a paying subscription.

Basecamp offers four pricing packages according to the number of projects managed by customers. Monthly payments range from $20 for 10 projects, $50 for 40 projects, $100 for 100 projects and $150 for unlimited projects. Every package includes unlimited users, SSL data encryption and data backup to prevent data loss. When compared with its rival Clarizen Project Manager, Basecamp has a better pricing policy for its users in the long run.

 All tiers include Unlimited users, SSL data encryption (the same as online banks), and daily backups of data to prevent permanent data loss. You can pay as you go, not enter into long-term contracts and not be locked into paying per-user fees.

Using the same websites that I used for my website popularity research, Basecamp might be a little higher than the low-end prices, but I believe their rating is excellent for the features that they provide.

Basecamp: Shipping Rates & Policies

Basecamp does not have a shipping policy as it is an online website service.

Basecamp: Payment Methods Accepted

Credit cards are the only payment option offered to Basecamp customers. They accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express. However Basecamp has added a new feature 'Basecamp lump sum billing’ to its payment section. For subscribers who would rather pay in advance for a few months their credit card is charged for the amount they choose to pay. The monthly fee is then deducted according to the package subscribed.

Basecamp: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

Offering a 60 day free trial, Basecamp does not have a money back guarantee. During the free trial, users can access all the features of Basecamp, giving them an opportunity to check if the application is up to par and offers what it promises. Subscribers are not required to give their credit card details while subscribing for the free trail, and if they don’t like the product they are free to leave without any strings attached.

Basecamp: Product images & screenshots
Basecamp Coupons
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